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Dec. 1, 2010

For CUA Community, Inauguration Begets Great Expectations

On Jan. 25, 2011, John Garvey will be inaugurated as The Catholic University of America’s 15th President. Below are some reactions that his inauguration has elicited from faculty, staff and students:

Pam Tremblay“This inauguration will bring about a great sense of pride in the University and a sense of unity. All the students, faculty and staff from different schools and departments will come together to welcome not only a new President, but also a new time for our University. To be present and participate in an inauguration of a president does not happen for every student, and to be here during this time gives a new perspective and connection to the school that I already love.”  
– Pam Tremblay, senior theology and religious studies major from Granby, Mass.
  Kevin Petersen “For my staff and me, this event will be more than a celebration. We will be very involved in the preparation and support needed that help make an event like this run smoothly. It is also a time when all of our staff pull together to help, which is amazing to be part of. If you were here for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit, you know what I am talking about.”
– Kevin Petersen, director, Office of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations
Bill Jonas“I’ve only experienced one other university presidential inauguration, and that was a long time ago when I was a very young and junior staff member at another institution. I hope that the youngest staff members at CUA pay more attention to this inauguration than I did! I’m particularly looking forward to the turnout of delegates from other institutions, in what is a unique and cool tradition in higher education. I’m also always intrigued by the ceremonial rites that are part of an event like this. Finally, I am looking forward to the week of activities that will occur in January tied to the inauguration, which will include an inaugural ball for students.”
– William Jonas, director, Office of Campus Activities

  Sr. Rose McDermott“During the Second Vatican Council, the conciliar fathers stressed the role of the laity in the teaching, sanctifying and governing mission of the Church. The choice of President Garvey reflects this teaching. It also demonstrates that Catholic University is in communion with the Christian faithful: clerics, lay and consecrated persons dedicated to the teaching mission of the Church. It is wonderful to have a competent layman at the helm, and all of us have the responsibility to support President Garvey with our prayer and cooperation as he assumes a most responsible position in the Church's mission.”
– Sister Rose McDermott, S.S.J., associate professor, School of Canon Law
Kimberly Gomez“It’s exciting just because I’m a freshman and we have a new President. I met President Garvey once, and he seemed really nice to everyone. I also remember him saying that he wanted to improve Catholic education. I like that.”
– Kimberly Gomez, freshman media studies major from San Diego, Calif.
  Matt Reeder“I’ve only been with the University since April, but in that time I have come to really feel like a part of the campus community and I am very excited to witness President Garvey’s term from its beginnings. He is very hands on and has big plans for the future, plans that will be a benefit and a boon to everyone on campus, not just the staff members.”
– Matt Reeder, customer service specialist, Office of Human Resources

Jonathan Sitko “This inauguration reminds me of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit in 2008, because it’s brought new changes to the campus. When the Pope came, the University brought out all the stops: new lawns, new plants. This has the air of something big. The University is really energized.”
– Jonathan Sitko, senior politics major from Bethlehem, Penn.
  Tongyan Pan“I understand the importance of conducting quality research at the University. President Garvey has stressed the importance of our undergraduate programs. I will be eager to hear his comments on the important question of balancing research and teaching."
– Tongyan Pan, assistant professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Merylann “Mimi” Schuttloffel  “My specialty is leadership in Catholic education, so I have already been impressed by President Garvey's willingness to listen to and learn about CUA from every member of the community. Those are characteristics of a good leader. He values the distinctiveness of this University, and I believe he has a vision to strengthen the stature of the University in ways that will benefit students and faculty.”
– Merylann “Mimi” Schuttloffel, chair of the Department of Education and associate professor of educational administration and policy studies

Cate ShultisPresident Garvey's inauguration will be an exciting event for graduate students. As our University approaches its 125th anniversary, we have a renewed enthusiasm and desire to deepen our commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition and culture, both personally and as a University.
– Cate Shultis, graduate student studying historical theology from Hanover, Penn.


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