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Garvey greeting new students and their parents on move-in day

President Garvey welcomes new students and their parents on move-in day for first-year students.

  John Garvey with students at World Youth Day 2013

Garvey spent several days with Catholic University students at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. A special highlight for the President was accompanying the students to the Christ the Redeemer statue at the summit of Mount Corcovado.

Garvey Wants Catholic University Community To Lead by Example

University President John Garvey spoke at the conclusion of the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit on August 29 urging students to "lead, not follow" in building a better world.

He spoke of “a culture whose foundation stones have lost their strength,” and how the community that is The Catholic University of America — students, faculty, and staff — is part of the answer.

"Its graduates will go into the world formed in intellect and virtue, to apply what they learned here. Its example can inspire imitation in other institutions."

The President mentioned the CUA Community Pledge, which students, faculty, and staff are invited to sign.

“We ask our students to be tolerant of others,” said Garvey. “We require this tolerance not only with regard to weakness, but also with regard to the other differences that can separate us — race, creed, orientation, or class. All are ‘created in God’s image and likeness’ and are worthy of respect.”

From the President's Desk

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Changing the Music, but Not the Message
Pope Francis continues to win praise for what are perceived as his "progressive" style and statements, but he has not changed the Church's teaching at all.

> Support for Ukrainian Catholic University
President Garvey expresses solidarity with UCU's stand against the suppression of basic freedoms in Ukraine.

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